Kimberley Ssewannyana

Foundation Sec

Manifesto Point: 

Support - Along with supporting the next cohort academically, by organising teaching sessions. I will organise non-academic events such as meet and greets, with previous foundation year students. In addition to this I will work hard to create a more compatible family system, so the students feel fully supported along the way by their Medsoc Mums, and Dads.

Manifesto Point: 

Integration - Because of the confusion around the course, this resulted in a gap between medical students in other years and the foundation year. If I was made Foundation Sec, I would work hard to bridge this gap by integrating foundation year students more within Medsoc by creating more events for the next year zero students.

Manifesto Point: 

Progression - Being part of the first foundation cohort I have firsthand experience of the difficulties we faced in the beginning, trying to adjust to a new course. Knowing this, I will ensure that resource lists, websites and relevant reading material are easily accessible for the next cohort.

Complete Manifesto:

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