John & Laura

Social Sec

Manifesto Point: 

More social and sober socials – We would aim to run at least 1 sober and 1 drinking social a month on top of the regular post AMK socials. We will also be introducing a range of new themes and challenges for our nights out.

Manifesto Point: 

MedSoc Family socials – A lot of students have complained of not socialising with their families much. We would first make sure that students in our year 100% want a MedSoc family, and create an incentive for best MedSoc family.

Manifesto Point: 

Introduction of social and wellbeing secs – We would act as wellbeing secs for both 1st and 2nd years, with the possibility of increasing our numbers if demand arises. As wellbeing secs, we’d be encouraging students to attend socials, and accompany students if nervous at the beginning.

Complete Manifesto:

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