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  • Medics' Choir

    We sing a variety of songs from Disney to ABBA to Britney and to Mowtown. Suggestions for songs are always welcome for future sessions. We hope to organise our first Charity Showcase where people will have the chance to perform solos, in groups or even at NAMS events when opportunities arise. Socials are planned throughout the year.

    Sessions are organised every other week for students of any ability, tone deaf to pitch perfect. These sessions are casual with warm ups to start before we being the main practice.




  • Friends of MSF

    MSF, (Médecins Sans Frontières /Doctors Without Borders), is an international organisation which helps provide emergency humanitarian/medical expertise to all areas of the globe. Without their help, there would be more catastrophic consequences for many of the world’s most vulnerable people. Throughout the year we will be fundraising through various socials and events along with hosting speakers concerning MSF and global health/affairs.

    We will be hosting guest speakers such as MSF nurses and doctors who are sure to provide fascinating and insightful stories of their work. We are also working very hard to introduce the Missing Maps project in Plymouth, which lets you get involved in mapping some of the most vulnerable areas in the world.



  • Plymouth Marrow

    Marrow is the student branch of Anthony Nolan which is a UK blood cancer charity and bone marrow register. Anthony Nolan works to find stem cell matches for people with blood cancer in order to save their life. Last year Marrow raised nearly £10,000 and signed up over 1000 people to register.

    Every 14 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer. Plymouth Marrow proudly support Anthony Nolan by recruiting potential donors, spreading awareness and raising funds. We put on monthly swab clinics to try increase those on the stem cell register and we also raise money to help provide these life saving transplants.

    Like and follow Plymouth Marrow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SC to keep up to date on the latest events.



  • Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

    Wilderness and expedition medicine is the remote and improvised care of illness or trauma, with limited resources and manpower, and delayed evacuation to definitive care. Humans have always had the desire to explore, meaning wilderness medical care extends far back in history, but in recent years the increasing exploration and inhabitation of wilderness areas has seen an increase in the demand and interest in wilderness and expedition medicine. We hope to provide you the opportunity to explore this specialty further.

    Monthly workshops and lectures. We also do weekends away to help hone our skills



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